Break Page Style Pattern

I have a book that has a table of contents. I’m wanting to have a Table of Contents set of styles (TOC First, TOC Left, TOC Right), and when the TOC is done, begin alternating Right Page, Left Page (perhaps First Body Page, Left Page, Right Page or something). I set page flow in the “Organization” tab of the page styles so that TOC First → TOC Left; TOC Left → TOC Right; TOC Right → TOC Left. When I select the first page after the TOC and assign “Left Page”, all the TOC page styles are replaced with a sequence of Right Page, Left Page.

How do I have a sequence of TOC pages that leads to a sequence of Right, Left Pages?

As a bonus, how can I make sure that after the TOC section ends, the correct (Left or Right) page style is chosen?

My document is available at Alfred, Lord Tennyson.odt

To switch from an alternating chain to another (or more simply from one page style to another), you must insert a page break and change properties.

A mere page break (Ctrl+Enter) is not enough because it keeps the same page style. You must Insert>Manual Break and choose the right attributes (page break and page style after the break).

These attributes can also be configured in a paragraph style if your new part always begin with a specific paragraph (think of a Heading 1 in a chaptered book).

Note that you can also force the page number to display after the page break. This can be used for example to number the TOC with roman numbers, then restart at 1 with standard numbers in the main part.

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That’s working very nicely. It looks like there’s no way to change those break settings (next page style, page number) except to delete the break and re-create. It also appears that there’s no way to ensure automatically that the next page style is correct based on page number (left or right in case the TOC changes size). Those are points of automation that would be nice, but certainly not deal-breakers. Thank you!

Typically, TOC and content are considered separate parts of a book which each start on an odd page (right page). Therefore, the next page style after the TOC is a right page style. Writer adds a blank page when needed.