Bring to front/back fails in LibreOffice Draw

When I have a box filled with a pattern, the pattern always overrides another box placed on top of it, regardless of my tries to bring to the front/back.
Also placing items on top of a (background) photo does not work

Please specify your question and upload a sample file. OS version? LO version?


  • box - do you mean a textbox or a rectangle


On different OpenOffice and LibreOffice versions I could not verify your described results.

  • I mean rectangle or other geometric figures
  • L O Version: (x64)
  • OS: Windows 10
    And another strange thing: When a paste a picture on top of the pattern sometimes it really works, but if I duplicate the picture it always is placed under the pattern.

Upload a sample file and additionally a screenshot.

I can’t understand it.

Works for me just like it’s supposed to.

image description

Thanks for your help. When i copied the items in my drawing to a new sheet, it works as it should do. Still it does not work on the “old” sheet but we can forget it and close this ticket…