Brochure and Flyer !!!

What Libreoffice program to use for making a brochure(3 pages) and/or flyer and how to make it step by step ???

You will find that the LibO Writer manual Chapter 4 ~(Formatting Pages) and Chapter 5 (Printing) will give a lot of advice in this area. The LibO HELP dialogue is also useful. (see BROCHURES > PRINTING INDIVIDUAL)

When you say a brochure (3 Pages) and / or flyer do you mean 3 pages on one sheet of paper on one side, or two sides or 3 on two or three sheets of paper, or any other variation? Are you printing the brochure or producing a master for a printing shop? What level of LibO, what operating system?

The more information you give, the more someone might be able to help. Peter

Can you give me links to these chapters i cant find them and im on windows 7 .The brochure need to be like this one

You will find some LibO Templates on the website
The manuals are found at
The brochures you have pointed to are rather elegant and professionally drawn graphics. You would need LibO Draw and some practice for that

Thank you :slight_smile: