broken UI on LO

 [I have asked this on various FreeBSD forums but got no response.]
 On a system running FreeBSD 11.0-RC2, I built and installed LO   (Options appended.)

Everything seemed to go correctly.
However, when I start LO, I get a screen that looks like link:[]
… and everything is unusable.
I’m sure this is my fault - probably a misconfigured dependency - but just want to get things working.

 Anyone have a clue?


                            Robert Huff

LibreOffice options

 CUPS=on: CUPS printing system support
 GNOME=off: GNOME desktop environment support
 GTK2=on: GTK+ 2 GUI toolkit support
 GTK3=on: GTK+ 3 GUI toolkit support
 JAVA=on: Add Java support (XML filters, macros)
 KDE4=off: KDE 4 desktop environment support
 MMEDIA=off: Enable multimedia backend for impress
 PGSQL=off: Build with PostgreSQL-SDBC driver
 SDK=off: Build with SDK
 SYSTRAY=off: Enable systemtray quickstarter
 TEST=on: Run all regression tests
 VERBOSE=off: Increase build verbosity
 WEBDAV=off: Enable webdav protocol