Bug: .eps image rendered and printed as .png

It seems that in version 6.0.x LibreOffice works much better with .eps images as before. I can insert an .eps image in my .odt file and it looks good, not pixelled, but scalable. However, when I save the file, a .png image is generated, which is used for rendering and for .pdf printing.
I have checked in the .odt file and seen that both the .png and .eps images are saved internally, but somehow the .eps is never used.

Is there any way to prevent LibreOffice from using or creating .png files from .eps, so that only .eps is used or printed?


I have found a quite satisfying method:

  1. Open the .eps file in LibreOffice Draw
  2. Using draw export the .eps file into .emf file (File → Export…)
  3. The .emf file can be perfectly inserted as image into the LibreOffice Writer

The .emf file is kept as vector graphic in LibreOffice Writer even when closing the file and when exporting into .pdf.

I believe an .eps file is a VECTOR GRAPHICS file. This must be converted to a DIGITAL IMAGE file to be displayed or printed. It is the png digital image file that is being processed and printed by LibreOffice, and also for printing with .pdf format. Do you have a postscript printer and that is why you are using eps format?

It is true that .eps is vector graphics, but also can be .emf. In my case the .emf file generated by conversion of the .eps file is also a vector graphic, but amazingly LibreOffice Writer does not convert it to a .png.
The main point of using vector graphics is that they are always faithfully rendered or printed, without pixelation. (See further advantages of vector graphics)