Bug? Hyperlink Type does not allow for Copy & Paste-Blanks out existing text or URL field

If I want to create a hyperlink in my Editor document, I press Ctrl-K to open up the Hyperlink dialog window. There are 2 fields under Hyperlink Type: URL and Text. If I paste my URL into the URL field everything appears fine. If I leave the dialog window open and go back to the Writer text and select the text I want to copy and paste into the TEXT field , as soon as I select the text, it will clear the URL field in the Hyperlink dialog. Now if I go back and select the URL in the Writer document, it clears the TEXT field I just pasted in.

The only way to paste the information in, is to copy the Text before opening the Hyperlink dialog and paste it in. Then close the dialog and go back to Writer and select the URL and copy that, then press Ctrl+K to reopen the Hyperlink editor and paste it into the URL field.

This looks like a bug

Maybe it is easier to have the text in your document already. Select the text, press Ctrl+K, and then paste the Hyperlink address in the dialogue and OK

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Yes, that will work because only 1 field is being filled at a time when the Hyperlink Dialog is open. I just find it annoying I can’t paste in both fields from the document at the same time without closing the hyperlink dialog and re-opening it. But you’re right, there is a workaround for it. Still looks like a bug to me though.

It’s not how I usually work. I would like to test it in a couple of days when I get back to my computer

It is not necessary to copy text from Writer for the Hyperlink Text field to be filled, simply highlighting some text and waiting a short time will do the same. I assume this is the same mechanism that allows you edit existing hyperlinks or fills in the Text field with the highlighted text when you press Ctrl+K.

You could report a bug, see How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice - The Document Foundation Wiki.

Most people, I would guess, would highlight the text first and then paste the web address so would never notice.