bug in Calc Data Validity on MacOS Sierra?

LibreOffice on MacOS Sierra 10.12.3.

On Sheet1 I create a table of stuff. Various columns are subsequently defined as data ranges with similar names such as NameFirst and NameSecond. When I use Data > Select Range they are found and highlighted correctly. However on Sheet2 I use Data > Validity (cell range) to create the dropdown menu of said list. However it rarely selects the correct list. For example I can choose NameSecond but the data actually in the dropdown is from NameFirst and when I select Data > Validity again the wrong list is indeed shown rather than the list I explicitly entered. I know I’m typing it correctly including case. Just upper and lower case letters, no numbers, spaces or any other symbols.

The full range defined is explicit such as $Sheet1.$A$3:$A$22. It’s acting like it can’t find the range I explicitly enter in some lookup table and so it defaults to the nearest string match it can find. However sometimes it defaults to the first range in my list of ranges which is named completely differently like StreetAddress when I tried to use NameSecond. It’s acting very oddly. sometimes it works correctly but I can’t find any rhyme or reason as to why. Sometimes I choose to show empty cells and sometimes not with no change in behavior. Show Selection list is checked but sort is not.

Is there perhaps a different way to do what I want? I’m really just using this for the selection list.

Changing the names I used seems to have mostly resolved the abberant behavior. I use something like N_First and N_Second and it now works. Not sure if it’s simply the longer names I used or what