Bug? Justifying causes LibreOffice to sometimes ignore kerning

I am writing a book using Baskerville 11 (a Mac font), and I have observed the same problem with Adobe Caslon 11 font:
After a ligature, in justified paragraphs, the letter following a ligature may be too close to the ligature (and in the printed book, the visible effect is annoying to read).

I can see these errors in a PDF file made from LibreOffice. In one paragraph, the word “fix” appears twice. The Baskerville version put the x too close to the fi the first time; the Adobe Caslon version put the x too close to the fi the second time.

I have not tested this issue in unjustified paragraphs.

Has anyone seen this error? Is there a bug for it? I tried, but I am not good at looking at the libreoffice bug database.

This might be a kerning bug. How about you start by testing if this affects left aligned text as well?