Bug? No repeat action on horizontal scroll with mouse wheel

This is for CALC LibreOffice Version (Build ID: 58f22d5) on Win32 XP SP3

When I try to scroll sideways using the mouse wheel (pressing it to the right or to the left), I can move one step, but then the scrolling stops, and I must release and re- press the wheel to continue scrolling.

This is not a bug in LO. I have the same behavior in ALL programs.

I don’t. My older Excel (2k) does repeat, and many other programs, too. Firefox is another example. the feature is actually quite helpful, while I can see no advantage in a single action. So, bug or no bug - might be good to change.

I just tested Calc (3.5.7) using a Kensington mouse where one button is allocated to AutoScroll, It works fine all directions.

Mine is a Logitech LX3. I just checked the setpoint utility for this mouse, but this feature cannot be configured there. Without setpoint WinXP’s mouse driver does not provide any funtionality for shifting the wheel. So I guess it’s driver related. thank you both. Will look for another mousesoftware

Addendum: For some srtange reason the feature has started to work without any change from my doing. Mouseware quirk, probably.