Bug? or me? - default open path

I don’t use windows ‘my documents’ I have a folder on my d drive for data called ‘asafedocs’ Within this I have about 14 folders which all contain many more folders, personal and ones to do with different groups I’m involved with.

I had Libreoffice set up to go to ‘asafedocs’ if I wanted to open a file from the tool bar/file menu. It suddenly started to go to one of my folders within asafedocs (a very specific one! - and not one of my frequent use ones but I have used relatively recently).

Been a minor irritation for a few weeks and it was doing it from all programs (would have been using writer for files in that folder - to save a mail merge linked to Access 2002 - can’t do queries in base yet!)

Finally got round to sorting it out.
Went to tools/options/libreoffice/paths from the main page, calc, writer, impress - they all said the my documents path was d:\asafedocs. After looking around, looking at help pages, ‘editing’ the path, restarting etc, I clicked on ‘default’ , restarted, edited my documents path back to d:\asafedocs and restarted.

Now ‘open’ is taking me to me asafedocs again. YIPEE

But does anyone know if I ‘did’ something by accident - or if it is a (minor) bug?
Using windows 7 , libreoffice version (awaiting update…)

Further update: Just done another mail merge (different file and database) and the same has happened again. Clicking on open now goes to the file containing the saved mail merge document. I think it must be a bug.
( when mail merging I find if you save as a single merged document, it saves it but the merged document is also an open untitled file. I usually make changes to this, which I then ‘save as’ and overwite the saved merged doc. )

Maybe you can prefer to use the OS window for open/save files.

Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice/General/Open-Save dialogs.