Bug or Misoperation in Calc

Hi. I’m not sure if the following is a bug or if I do something wrong. After inserting a forumula in Calc, negative numbers turn red as they are supposed to according to my preferences set in Format Cell/Numbers until I close the file. But when I open this file again at a later stage, all negative numbers are black as the positive numbers. Many thanks for your help.

It is a know bug (https://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=60215), as I remember a hard recalc restore the format Ctrl+Shift+F9

fdo#60215 · Status: RESOLVED FIXED

Thanks @manj_k for pointing.

You can also set the recalculation options in Tools->LibreOffice Calc-> Formula to “Always recalculate”. I believe it is set to “Never recalculate” by default.