Bug Submission Assistant rotten?

Got over former experiences I tried once more to file a bug report using the “BSA” from libreoffice.org. Having prepared everything for half an hour I went to “Submit”. Since then I “press submit again” every few seconds like a banana greedy lab’s chimp may push his button - but without succes. What to do?

Same here, using Ubuntu 14.10 firefox 33.0, disabled all addblockers but won’t submit. Keep getting: “Data not yet loaded. Please press submit again in a few seconds”

Try the direct approach here.

I found that way again which I had already gone in a few cases. But I still wonder for what reason libreoffice.org should supply an assistant not working properly. They should probably not intensify discouragement.

Gute Frage!! I think there is LO corner in Bugzilla for web related bugs.