Bugs in LibreOffice 7.6

I have installed the latest LibreOffice I have done a simple spreadsheet with two rows and three columns just to test it out. I noticed two issue with Calc.

First one: I clicked and drag over a row that covers three cells B4:D4, but the numeric values in the cells keep changing from the values I entered.

Second issue, when I highlight the rows and click the sum function to get a total it gives me a wrong value, even if the value in the cells were unchanged and the values were the ones I entered. Can someone help with this please, as I am using it to teach Computer Literacy.

Start improving your question, by describing the contents of the celks an what you expect to happen. You may also upload the result of the things you tried …

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Maybe you should learn computer skills yourself … before teaching others

Bugs in LibreOffice 7.6

Start with reading the How to use this Ask site? guide; in its Bugs section, it discusses how to report bugs.

Then re-read the description of the downloads offered on the Download page. Specifically, notice that 7.6 branch is (as of today) only recommended to early adopters; 7.5.7 is the version that is tested longer. So if you use LibreOffice in your business, it would be wise to use more tested version.

Then please read the great Simon Tatham’s essay on How to Report Bugs Effectively. E.g., one would love to know what was the exact contents of B4:D4; what is the sequence of clicks, and where you drag to; what exactly you see as the result; and what was your expectation. Or better, a sample file would be great, accompanied by e.g. a screencast. And of course, show that you did your own research, e.g. that you read the respective help sections - on extending selection (autofill) (and note the “If you select two or more adjacent cells that contain different numbers, and drag” part), on relative addressing (relevant if your B4:D4 contain formulas).

See another help topic, devoted to the SUM spreadsheet function. Specifically, note the “This function ignores any text or empty cell within a data range” part.


Well I don’t think I need to learn computer skills before teaching anyone as MS Office don’t have these bugs. I will just use MS Office to teach my students which is much better than LibreOffice. But thanks for your quality responds. Truly the response of an educated person, keep those high quality replies coming. However, if you don’t have a sensible and respectful reply, please don’t reply.


I told my students to move over to MS Office, Apache Open Office or Google Sheets all of which I have used without any issues. I have also removed LibreOffice from my computer. This was due to your dis-respectful and uneducated reply.


Good luck. Good bye.

Either interesting or very funny.

The first answer was pretty bad and the rest just went downhill from there.

Not really the way to encourage people to use LibreOffice.

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It doesn’t seem to be a problem with LibreOffice but rather with using spreadsheets. It is not clear what the user was doing to get the unwanted result but from the sound of it other spreadsheets are likely to operate the same. The newer versions of MS Office try to guess what the user intends and might sometimes correct for the error (or guess something else entirely).

Probably one of the issues is that some of the cells were text or formatted as text, not numbers, so those cells are ignored, e.g. 6 + lo = 6, or 6 + (number formatted as telephone number) = 6

I think the main reaction was that someone who doesn’t understand the basics of spreadsheets wants to teach it. The students have a better chance of learning from a book. I once did an Access database course at night school but we had to teach the tutor the basics of defining the fields. That was $300 I never got back