Bugs website

I tried the searching using the search box at https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/ and https://bugs.documentfoundation.org/query.cgi
and keep getting the error below.

Software error:
DBD::Pg::db selectcol_arrayref failed: ERROR: missing chunk number 0 for toast value 215979 in pg_toast_16476 [for Statement "SELECT bugs.bug_id AS bug_id, bugs.priority AS priority, bugs.bug_severity AS bug_severity
FROM bugs
LEFT JOIN bug_group_map AS security_map ON bugs.bug_id = security_map.bug_id
INNER JOIN priority AS map_priority ON bugs.priority = map_priority.value
INNER JOIN bug_severity AS map_bug_severity ON bugs.bug_severity = map_bug_severity.value
LEFT JOIN bugs_fulltext AS bugs_fulltext_0 ON bugs.bug_id = bugs_fulltext_0.bug_id
WHERE bugs.creation_ts IS NOT NULL
AND security_map.group_id IS NULL
AND ( ( LOWER(bugs_fulltext_0.comments_noprivate) LIKE ‘%index%’ OR LOWER(bugs_fulltext_0.short_desc) LIKE ‘%index%’ ) AND bugs.product_id IN (109) AND bugs.bug_status IN (‘UNCONFIRMED’,‘NEW’,‘ASSIGNED’,‘REOPENED’,‘NEEDINFO’) )
GROUP BY bugs.bug_id, bugs.priority,bugs.bug_severity,map_priority.sortkey,map_priority.value,map_bug_severity.sortkey,map_bug_severity.value
ORDER BY map_priority.sortkey, map_priority.value, map_bug_severity.sortkey, map_bug_severity.value
"] at Bugzilla/Search.pm line 775.
Bugzilla::Search::data(Bugzilla::Search=HASH(0x557913c54220)) called at /srv/bugzilla/bugzilla-5.0.4/buglist.cgi line 742
For help, please send mail to this site’s webmaster, giving this error message and the time and date of the error.

This AskLO Q&A site is different from bugs.documentfoundation.org. You should send the error message to their webmaster as instructed, not here.

I went the the “tdf” site and submitted a query. I got the same error as you. I think the only alternative to reach someone is to file a dumb bug report (the bug will be closed as soon as some developer/administrator sees it). Try that. It might be related to present abnormal behaviour here on AskLO (I no longer receive notifications and can’t edit my questions and answers) after problems on the servers a couple of weeks ago.

I found no one to send the error message to. In a different post, I found a list of names from 2003. I guess I won’t use their search bar then if it’s going to be that complicated to find a webmaster.

This should have been a comment since it offers no solution.

Excuse me for the non-comment, I guess, but I thought I did make a comment. Sadly, I’m afraid to post in this help forum for fear of being reprimanded, when I only am asking for help.

You learn by mistakes. I admit the posting rules are not obvious. I remember when I started here getting my load of such remarks. Don"t hesitate to ask, even elementary questions, but always be accurate and informative and you’ll be welcome.

As of today (2019-08-01), it seems the bugs site https://bugs.documentfoundation.org is operational again.

My guess is the bugs site was plagued by the same bug as the AskLO site (no more editing capability not notifications) after some mishap on the server infrastructure. The site administrators have put back pieces together. Thanks to them all.

You can now close your question as “not relevant, outdated” after checking the search feature.

gugs…? hugs? mugs? The gugs site can’t be reached :c

Apologies, my finger slipped on the keyboard. I corrected the typo in my answer.

Fixed the link and other typos as well. Coffee time?

@robleyd: thanks, I thought I did it, but writing a comment and simultaneously editing an answer sometimes has a race condition and one of the updates is lost. Another room for improvement? In addition, I was so happy things back to “normal”, I didn’t proof-read what I did.

Infra team member here — neither AskBot nor Bugzilla are suitable venues to report infrastructure bugs. Please read our wiki page about bug reporting.

Also, the issue was reported to the website mailing list (as well as the projects one). The outage was also mentioned on our status page.

The fix was also announced on the website mailing list (as well as the projects one).

I take good note. As a mere user, I was not aware of so many websites.