Bugzilla Twitter

Sorry LibreOffice, I will not be using your bugzilla under Twitter as I refuse to use Twitter under any circumstances. Any other options?

If you see some problem, it would be nice of you to provide something like a screenshot where we could see what you see (where it requires you to use Twitter, for instance). Thanks!

I’m simply saying I will not, ever, use twitter so I think LibreOffice is taking a wrong turn in using it. Or do you prefer multiple bugzillas? Link to Bugzilla Twitter page.

Are you telling that you cannot figure that the twitter page you mentioned is not the place to report bugs, but the place to inform twitter users of the URL to use to actually file bugs - libreoffice.org/get-help/bug/? Its link is right there. It’s to increase awareness. It’s not for you. Bugzilla is where @robleyd already told you. Is it clearer now?

The actual Bugzilla site perhaps??

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