Build downloaded from FileHippo - weird, horrible icons. Just me or hacked version?

Just updated from 4.1, but this time I used the FileHippo updater, and ended up with the icon wreckage on the toolbar as below. The 1990’s called and AOL want their icons back!

But seriously - what’s happened here? I’ve tried resetting prefs and everything. Or is this just because it’s beta and they’ll be replaced with “proper” icons once it’s fully released? So, it it my computer, a dodgy filehippo download, a bad built, or just beta problems?

That’s a very fresh version. I wouldn’t download and install it except for technical interest and testing. Rather matured is currently 4.3.5 (or

Is new default icons …but if you want change in the option menu…

This is good news!

Ugh! I cannot believe anyone would put those icons in as default. Surely someone could design some nice, clean modern icons? Anyway, I found the solution in preferences - Crystal is much better. Not perfect, but a lot better. I’d give you a vote but I don’t have enough rep yet - sorry!