Build LibreOffice without GUI on Ubuntu

My goal is to run the LibreOffice on a AWS Lambda for converting documents. I want to build LibreOffice without GUI and all the extra that is not needed for conversion. Need to get the minimum size of LibreOffice.


You should not build LO to have no GUI, unless you clearly understand the implications. However, you can run it without GUI: there is --headless switch, and some other switches imply headless (so no need to specify it explicitly) - e.g., --convert-to.

If you feel like you certainly need to try to strip LO from “unnecessary” stuff, then refer to documentation available with

./ --help

in LibreOffice development environment set up after instructions in Development wiki. (Notice that there is --disable-gui switch, but read the disclaimer given for it carefully.)

Anyway, this relates to development (in a way), and this kind of questions is better asked in #libreoffice-dev on IRC, or on our developer’s mailing list.


Recently I managed to run LibreOffice inside AWS Lambda.

More info here, including compilation instructions

You are removing licenses from the resulting package. Surely you have a lot of gain doing that?

Btw: you do --without-firebird-sdbc twice.