Built-in updater from v7.6 to v24.2?

Does anyone know if there is a plan to offer v24.2 as an upgrade option from v7.6 using the built-in “Check for Update” feature? I’m working with the chocolatey Libreoffice package maintainers to see if libreoffice-fresh needs to be manually updated to v24.

They use the updater service to check for new versions and it’s only returning v7.6.x versions as upgrades from v7.6.5

You always get maintenance releases of the same version.

AFAIK (I don’t run Windows so never the update notification either) the next version is offered at some point when it reaches the .4 or .5 release and the previous version is at its last (.7) release, so likely when 7.6.7 is out and 24.2.4 or 24.2.5 available. You can check dates at ReleasePlan - The Document Foundation Wiki when that would be, apparently somewhen between week 23 and week 29.

Do you know if that is documented anywhere? Per the schedule, it looks like v24.2.4 is going to be released only days before v7.6 is EOL. Does one only get upgraded to the next major release when your current release is reaching EOL? If this is the case, I would have figured that “fresh” updater keeps you on bleeding edge whereas “still” would track the previous release that is reaching EOL.

I don’t think there’s a hard documentation on that. Sometimes it was even decided on a case by case basis whether the new version was deemed stable enough.

May be, yes. You’d have to investigate the past history for that.

With “fresh” that would not make much sense. The day when there’s a new .0 “fresh” release the up to then “fresh” would become “still”, and you quite unlikely would want to upgrade to a very fresh .0 then. Having the then so far “still” switch to the then new “still” indeed could make sense to always stay on the second last (“still”) version.