Button label disappears

I copy an existing button and edit the name and label and that works fine. I save the sheet and when I reload it, the label is gone. Editing the label works fine but the new label is never visible. The font and Visible fields in the properties havent changed.

You covered a lot of bases in your description. What version of LibreOffice Calc and what operating system? I cannot seem to replicate the problem in on Linux. Have you tried to replicate on a brand-new spreadsheet? x64 on Win7 Ultimate. Get the same lack of label when I load the sheet in Open Office. I will try a fresh sheet.

Worked fine with a fresh sheet. The one I have the problem with is rather unusuall. The menu bar and the scroll bars are all turned off and there were some protected cells. But with the protected cells turned off, still see the problem.

You could try copying over sheets (Right-click sheet tab, Move or Copy, Move to your new, fresh workbook) one at a time to see if problem persists, or even select all (click white space to upper left) then paste in an otherwise blank sheet. Beyond that, a person could look at the XML for the sheet (the actual sheet file as text).

I also cannot replicate in on Windows 10.

Its a very simple sheet so I think I will just cut and paste the macro basic code and start again from scratch on a new sheet unless someone comes up with a known fix for this quirk. Thanks for your help.

Moving on sounds good, but actually if you want to help “fix this quirk,” which might be a single file-corruption issue, then post the failed example workbook as is, failing. Then we can examine the XML and see if that tells us anything. Just redact any personal data, etc., of course.

Freecell progress.ods (16.2 KB)

In your example, an “accident” occurred: the Undo button is covered by a picture.
In menu Conrol properties find the Graphics property, click the down arrow, then Enter and click on any other property. The caption should appear!

Brilliant, thanks for that.

How did you determine that that was the problem ?

I made the Undo button by copying and pasting the Clear button and then changing its name, label and action macro. And that all looked fine with the label showing. It was only after I had closed the sheet and reloaded it that the label became invisible. Why was that ?

A .ods file is an archive in structure (.zip compatible). I opened the archive file content.xml, found the tag there

form:button form:name="Undo" ...

and saw the attribute there


If you ever manage to reproduce such an effect, it will be interesting.

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Interesting, just reproduced the problem by copying and pasting the Clear button again, so I now have 3 buttons and a new label on the latest button. That looks fine. But when I save the sheet and reload it again, get the same lack of a label on the new button.

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Thanks a lot! The effect you specified is reproduced if you copy the “Clear” button and paste, save and reopen the document.

But doesnt happen if I copy the Undo button.