Calc >=3 now in Bold, 18, RED

I have a row with formulae in =COUNT(C3:C109),=COUNT(D3:D109)…=COUNT(AE3:AE109). The font is set to Calibri Regular 12

If the result is 3 or more I want the font to change to to Calibri Bold 18 RED

I have used Conditional formatting Cell Value, is greater than or equal to 3, Red cell

But this gives the >=3 Calibri Regular 12 Red

I have looked at:_


But cannot see there how to achieve what I want.

Any advise please?

You need to set the condition and the cell template.
If the cell template does not meet your needs, you can modify it or create a new cell template.
In the cell template, you can set the font, size and color, for example.

Please upload your file here so someone can look at it. Thank you.

Your entered link does not work.

I don’t want to post the origional file as this contains a lot a data on individuals.

So I made up a Calc to illustrate my problem. However when I created this I find that I get a reduced number of options e.g. Red Cell is not an option.

Cond Format test.ods (8.9 KB)

So another question why are the options reduced?

advice please?

So another question why are the options reduced?

What do you mean with this?

I have already described it in my comment how you have to proceed.
Here now my result to your question:

Entry in the CF

New cell style

New cell style

New cell style
Font Effects

HB_01 Cond Format test 74542.ods (10,6 KB)

Thank you. I had not used the side bar Styles. Now have and got the desired result.

“So another question why are the options reduced?”

On this Calc I only get some 20 options. On the actual Calc I get 50 odd options. Why the different options using the same version of Calc?
These options are in the Apply Style drop down box.

…different options…

And I ask again back, what options are we talking about? What do you mean by that?

I cant get Win 11 to do a proper screen image!!!

However the enclosed jpg show a Box in Apply Style with the word Text in it. IN the file I published there are only some 20 options in the Calc I am using are some 50 options e.g. 20% - Accent 1, Blue Cell, Red Cell, Warning, Warning Text

Thank you for your patience with me.
What is selectable in “Apply Style:” are the cell styles.
The selection corresponds to the cell styles available in the sidebar.
There are a certain number of cell styles that come with LibreOffice.
Independently of this, additional cell styles can be created in the document.
However, these are saved in the document and are not automatically available for all documents.

And remember, in the sidebar at the bottom you can choose between different views for the styles.

thank you .

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