Calc very slow when editing formulas

I’m using Libre Office on a Dell laptop. Resources are fine, Intel i5 and 8 gigs of memory. I started experiencing this after upgrading from 4.0.2.x to

What happens is that I have to wait for ~ 3 seconds after double clicking a cell or pressing F2 until edit mode is activated. The same happens when I exit edit mode. Worth mentioning that this is happening only after I do some work in the file, maybe 10 minutes or so. If I close and reopen the slow edit disappears to reappear in a few minutes.

I didn’t yet notice whether the time lap between triggering edit mode and actually entering edit mode increases with time.

See menu Tools → Options, under memory set the whole memory limit to > 100 MB and objects in memory limit (the important one) to some larger number, I have 1000 there. You could raise other limits as well.

Ok, did this, now looking for changes in behaviour.

I had this same problem, and through some Google searching fell upon the solution of disabling Java completely.

Tools → Options → Libre Office → Advanced → Use a Java Runtime Environment (DESELECT)

Now my formula editor loads up lightning fast, and in fact, the entire Libre Office loads up significantly faster as a whole.

I’m not that knowledgeable about the inner workings of Libre Office, but I read in my other Google searching that the only potential drawback of this solution is that some functions of the software depend on Java. I have not run into any problems yet, so they must not be often-used functions.

I hope this helps.

Or try resetting the user profile, sometimes resolves strange issues.