Calc 5-10 Minute Load/Save Times (ODS)

When opening a particular .xlsx file with Calc, everything is fine, however, when I convert that same .xlsx file to .ods, it takes forever to load or save the file in Calc. What could be causing the slow performance?

If it helps, converting this file to .ods using LibreOffice results in a corrupted file, but using Microsoft Excel to perform the conversion produces a readable file.

I must use .ods format for the sharing feature, by the way.

Thank you for any assistance.

Please do not ask me to post the file, as it contains proprietary data that I am not permitted to disclose.

@blurryglass - have you looked at early Q&A’s on this? e.g. 1. slow cell update, or 2. Calc slower than Excel. There is quite a bit of helpful comment there that might apply to your situation. It would also help to know what versions you’re using, and which flavour of Windows (I assume is your OS?).

I did read those Q&As. We’re running Ubuntu Server 12.04, actually, with LibreOffice 4.03.3.

Are there matrix formulas or conditional format?

No matrix forumlas or conditional formatting.

Take a look with the navigator [F5] to see if there are hidden objects.

There was a database connection, but I already tried severing it and that did not help.

How large is the file (XLSX/ODS) in terms of cells, columns, rows, sheets, and file size? There appear to be several performance issues with the v4.x series of Calc e.g., fdo#63696 is one such example.

There are around 10 worksheets, 3 of them have 4000 rows and 50-75 colums. About 5/8 of the columns have formulas. It’s plenty fast when using the XLSX format.

That’s a decent slab of data. Not gigantic, but substantial. If you have extensive LOOKUPs that could slow it down. I hope the v4.1 release Calc performance improvements (from cell-based to column-based) help, but that is small comfort to you now (unless you grab a beta or daily build for testing).

Thanks for the heads up. I’ll try a beta.

Please report the results of testing the beta back here so we can gain an insight into whether it offers any improvement. I just loaded the very large (~74MB) ODS from fdo#63745 and it took ~1min 40sec, so to me it sounds like your issue is specifically an XLSX->ODS one i.e., something is not translating well.