Calc 7.0 does not always recalculate automatically, sometimes I have to press F9 to see the result of new input

It is difficult to see how often this error occurs, but it happens often in the same cells. When I expect to se a change in a cell, nothing happens.

What is the exact version that you use?

I use version, and I have seen a comment some place stating that a new version soon will be available because of issues in current version of Calc.


this is probably bug #tdf137248 - Calc - AutoCalculate malfunction, always F9 (ReCalculate) necessary, which is already fixed and the fix will be available in version 7.0.3.

Hope that helps.

Hello, and thank you! I hope version 7.0.3 soon will be available, and also that Ubuntu will make it avaiable as soon as possible through updates. It is easier to get software via regular updates than downloading/installing from original software sources.

7.0.3 has been released.

@Opaque Thank you!