CALC ( comments have become almost impossible to use and format

Inserting a comment into a cell, the background is transparent, there is a thick light blue border.
Added text and clicked “show comment” which it does not.
Once in a while, when I select the cell, the comment comes up as it should, but not rarely.
Formatting; moving & resizing do not work.
There are 130 instances of “COMMENT” in the guide, but none are of any help.

Thank you,

This might be a time for some more details on your system. But here is some generic troubleshooting:

Have your tried restarting LO in safe mode (Help menu)?

Or have you looked into adding a prefix as you start LO? That is,


rather than just soffice?

Badly displayed comments, tool-tips, etc., seem to show up for me with GTK on Linux systems.

Or, if Windows, disable Skia and try again??

Uncheck Tools > Options… >LibreOffice > View > Graphics Output > Use Skia