Calc acting up

Hello people,

I’ve got some .ods and .xls files of about 5 Mb to 25 Mb
Calc is not working well at all when I have them opened and try to work with them:

  • Very slow responding Calc
  • Calc not responding. It eventually responds after a long loading time.
  • image description
  • Filter not displaying all the options available
    image description
  • Filter not working when I pick options

Is it possible that my file has too many rows?
Could the file be partially corrupt?

Any help would be highly appreciated.

Check if your system is not running out of memory swapping itself to crawl. Try to save the xls to LO native format. How many rows do you have in the spreadsheets?

Hello there,
Thanks for the tips.
The system RAM was looking very fine.
Rows, I had lots of them, I think probably more than 10k rows.
I remember working on this file one year ago and it give me somes issues then.
I was able to import in a Google Sheet and its seems its smoother.