calc and keeping date format of cells


i use Libreoffice calc in english under ubuntu 17.10 however, i’m currently working on a Slovak document so i would like to set once for all, a range of cells having a slovak specific date format.

for that i go to right click > format cells > Numbers (tab) > Language and select “Slovak”
once done i select Category > date and select the right date format i want for this range of cells.

Everything works great. However when i close and re-open the file, the full range of cell has a different date format based ONLY on my ubuntu Locale date value.

Is there a way to store definitively the date format into the calc file (to avoid this issue each time i open the file) ?


Your version of LibO?
What was the date format you set (the code, exactly)?
I work with LibO under Win 10 with German locale, but LibO set to UI and locale English (UK). I use different languages for documents and I cannot confirm the described behaviour for the formatting of dates. However, the recognition of dates is a different thing. It is neither ruled by the document language nor by cell settings, but by the locale set for LibO.
Can you supply a sample file showing the issue?

Generally all the attributes set for cells by direct formatting are stored with the file as, of course, are the named styles.