Calc: Array formula output not updated when changing named array size

Hi all,

I get a weird behaviour when trying to change the range of a named array referenced in an array formula.

I expect that, when I change the range that a name references, the array formulas that reference the name should change too.


  1. Write “a1”, “a2” and “a3” to A1, A2 and A3;
  2. Set a name to this range. Let it be “test”;
  3. In C1, write the formula “=test” and press “ctrl+shift+enter” for an array formula. “a1”, “a2” and “a3” are expected to be written to C1, C2 and C3;
  4. Now write “a4” to A4;
  5. Change the range that the name “test” reference to A1:A4;
  6. It is expected that the cell C4 gets the value “a4”, but nothing is changed there.

Weirdly, I cannot edit nor delete the created output of the array formula, even if selecting the full range (the seen nor the expected). If I try “ctrl+/”, the right size is selected, but the last value is blank. Also, if I enter the formula “=test” and press “enter” at C4, I get the right value (“d”).

Is it a bug or is there any way to update this correctly?

I’m using version ID de compilação: 490fc03b25318460cfc54456516ea2519c11d1aa Local: pt-BR (pt_BR)


I reproduce the bug (yes it is…) on windows with

I found this bug report


I would add that for me the bug is not in the failure to update the C4 display. The cell may optionally contain other data that should not be replaced without user intervention.

IMO the bug is that we can not update the range, either by extending or by retyping.