Calc assign macro to menu

I’ve created a macro and stored it in a LibreOffice v. Calc module (OS - Windows Vista). I have a Menu for the macro created in the document, but cannot successfully “assign” the macro to the menu. The Path I use is >Tools >Customize >Menus. From the dropdown I select the menu where I want the macro to reside, and click >Add. The list of categories appears, and I expand +Libre Office Macros. The resulting choices are +My Macros, +LibreOffice Macros, and +“MyCalc”.ods. The problem occurs when I try to select (e.g.) “+My Macros” to show the Module (and allow MacroName selection). The window goes to the “Not Responding” coloration, and I get an MS Windows dialog informing me “A problem caused the program to stop working correctly…” When I restart LibreOffice Calc, recovery is required. The outcome is the same if I store the macro in +My Macros >ModuleName or in +“MyCalc”.ods >ModuleName. Suggestions please! It’s a macro I would use frequently, and need the convenience of menu access.

Update to LibreOffice 4.0 and try assigning the macro again. This should fix your problem.