Calc: "Attach" cell to another cell, so that when "sort" is used on cell it's attached to, it remains in the same position relative to it?

Libreoffice 6, OS Mojave

I’ve got a 2-column list, with text in the left-hand column and numbers in the right.
I want to do an alphabeticized “sort” on the left-hand column, however I want the numbers in each right-hand cell to remain adjacent to the cells they were adjacent to before the “sort” was performed; is there a way to “attach” the right-hand column cells to their left-hand counterparts?

For example:

B | 1

C | 2

A | 3

Becomes (after alphabeticised Sort of left-hand column):

A | 3

B | 1

C | 2

NOT (as it would be without “attaching” right-hand column cells to left-hand column cells):

A | 1

B | 2

C | 3

As always, thanks for helping!

Doesn’t selecting the two columns when sorting work??

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as @mikekaganski commented - select both columns and use Data -> Sort to select the order of sorting:

image description

Hope that helps.