Calc Autofilter and sort hangs up

I am trying to filter and sort using autofilter - I am only using about 1000 entry lines. What can be done to avoid the freeze?

Can you imagine, you being able to track down the problem with the information given? Read this

I was asking if there is a configuration setting that lets auto filter work… It does not as installed. Excel was relatively immediate but Calc lets me take a coffee break before trying to sort again.

Why don’t you tell us at least your LibreOffice version and the operating system and its version your are using, so anybody may have a chance to find out, whether there is a known bug?

No, there is no configuration settings since sorting and filtering works out of the box (my 10000+ rows table can be sorted and filtered).

Try to pinpoint the problem - make a file copy and delete columns one by one to see which ones are causing problem. 1k lines generally should not freeze/hang Calc, but it also depends on columns count and volume of data in each cell.

I am using Linux Mint 19 with Libre Office 6.0.7.
I think I may have found the solution. The sheet I was on did not have a defined data range - every time I tried to do analysis - even just 600-700 rows the program would freeze trying to resort and calculate based on the parameters for the autosort/filter. Limiting the range to 1000 rows looks to have alleviated the issue.