Calc: AutoFilter on WEEKDAY column

I have a column that is populated by the WEEKDAY function, pointing to the date column next to it, so as to give the day-of-the-week that an event occurred.

I have applied AutoFilter to the sheet, but the drop-down filter value list does not populate correctly for this column - the only value available to select is “1900 > January”

Is there a workaround for this?

Are you applying Date format (to show weekday name) to the output of WEEKDAY function? That’s absolutely incorrect… That is the reason for your problem actually.

To see your mistake, instead of format NNN, try applying format NNNNDD MMMM, YYYY

Have a look in the Menu Tools>LibreOffice>General.

I played with this, but unfortunately it doesn’t have any effect.

The problem is that I would like to see Monday, Tuesday, … etc. in the filter drop-down but the output of the WEEKDAY function seems to be interpreted incorrectly by AutoFilter.

So the correct answer is to not use the WEEKDAY function at all, as Mike Kaganski mentions.

If I use the formula =TEXT(C10, "DDDD") to obtain the day-of-the-week name instead, as recommended here, then AutoFilter works as desired: