[Calc] AutoFilter: Search values by typing?

I have just installed LibreOffice 3.5 and noticed that the AutoFilter has been redone.

Whereas I had been able to simply search column values by typing (after click on AutoFilter cell), this functions seems to be removed.

Can I either activate “search by typing” in the new AutoFilter or rollback to the previous AutoFilter?

Take a look to the last stable release:

@ mariosv: could you please give some explanations on the list which appears clicking the link you gave in your reply previous to this? At least I am completely lost when I look at the long list and also can not understand what I can see when following “Details”. Thanks in advance.

LibO_3.6.4_Win_x86_install_multi.msi is the main installer, you can also by their size, and the LibO_3.6.4_Win_x86_helppack_xx-xx.msi are the helps for every language, to have the help installed in the computer, in other case help goes in internet.

@mariosv.Thanks, I understand more now. However what means “LibO-SDK_”? What means msi.asc?