Calc autorefresh sheet

Would it be possible to autorefresh Calc sheet? E.g. configurable that active sheet will be automatically refreshed after the time that has been set. While any other sheet activated - this will be start automatically refreshing. Or just set up that only particular sheet will be refreshed.
Automatic refresh would be possible for now by pressing CTRL+SHIFT+F9 but not automatically that is expected. There are certain results periodically typed into one sheet which is linked to another sheet that is shown on the second screen to wider audience. Now there is a wish to make possible to show on second screen in new window the final results sheet (e.g. sheet no 10) but entering data in first window and screen into sheets 1-9. On 10th sheet there are formulas that show final results and there is a need to put that 10th sheet to automatically recalculate formulas after certain time period that would be also configurable. Again - this is question from my community, what users expect from LibreOffice Calc. This would be used on competitions or similar events where any kind of results that have formulas, needs to be presented.
Would it be there any macro or similar solution for now? For future developments I propose to make such configurable option into Sheet pull-down menu. A kind of dialog window that offers flexible automatic refreshing options. DDE function did not help. Also this file reloading macro did not work (there is also a problem that first sheet will be activated after reloading but e.g. 10th one is needed). Also tried to check existing macros for sheet events - could not find suitable. Actually a search among existing macros would be useful - currently very hard to find appropriate one and the macro name does not tell much - a description etc would be useful and then also appropriate macro search would be more efficient. But perhaps there would be solution to add an activity to the sheet events: Autorefresh which could have an appropriate macro slelected already by default with the purpose to refresh the sheet. Also refresh interval would be good to have an option to configure. Tried also to use as shared document but did not help either.
It would be great to improve also “10. Linking Calc data” at Calc documentation page with sheet autorefresh option.

Looks like current workaround could be:

  • give name to cell range in original file that needs to be shown for wider audience
  • create a new file and save it, e.g. final-data.ods or whatever seems to be suitable
  • link the original file and cell range as external data
  • there can be defined the automatic refresh interval in seconds
  • display that new file where needed

Hi Edmund, it’s possible to link the same file, using a named range to link, don’t need one different.

that’s true - by adding new sheet; just thought that for editing purposes separate files might be more comfortable but not immediately necessary - good point. Actually from menu: Window->New window there is possible even open same file in two different window - so, yes - no need for new file.