Calc bug when validating a cell as cell range

Hello, I don’t know if this is a bug or I’m doing something wrong.

I’m trying to make a drop down list by validating a cell as cell range. When I click the ‘shrink’ button to select the cells from which I want information, the validation panel completely disappears and then I can select cells but I can’t do anything else, I just can select cells (they appears framed with a color between purple and cherry).
Pressing enter or esc doesn’t do anything the only solution is kill the process using the terminal.

  • Libre Office Version: (Build ID: 6.2.8-3)
  • My SO is Manjaro Linux
  • Kernel: Manjaro 5.4.2-1
  • OS type: 64 bits
  • KDE Plasma version: 5.17.4
  • KDe Frameworks version: 5.64.0

Edit: As I said in my last post, this is probably a bug form the version (Build ID: 6.2.8-3), in the version (Build ID: 6.3.4-2) the issue doesn’t show anymore.

Could not reproduce on Manjaro Linux and using LibreOffice by Arch Linux (but don’t use KDE on Manjaro test system).

Update Installed Plasma - works as designed and got no problem.

I’d suggest now, that you try the same action in Safe Mode (Help -> Restart in safe mode and click buttons Restart and Continue in Safe Mode in the following dialogs).

Hello Opaque, thank you for taking the time to help me.

Initially your solution works but then when I try to edit the validation of the cell for the second time it becomes bugged again. I recorded a video to show you how exactly the problem occurs.

For some reason I can’t put the timestamps in correct order here but I the description of the video you can see them.

I just want to say that today I did a fresh reinstall of my OS Manjaro KDE Plasma and this issue still exists, so either is a bug or maybe is the libre calc version that comes with Manjaro.

I can confirm this is probably a bug of the Version: (Build ID: 6.2.8-3) because today I update to the version ID: 6.3.4-2) and the issue doesn’t show anymore. And I want to apologize because I forgot to include my libre office version initially. I’ll edit my first post now.