CALC: Can't Change Y-Axis Scale

I have a Calc file with 12+ tabs including 12 charts that I use from year to year. Occasionally the charts do not copy faithfully when I rename the file for the next year. Usually one or more of the chart’s lines is not correct, and either I try to fix it or find a chart that’s ok, and copy that chart. Or as a last resort I recreate the chart.

Here’s a new example of a chart with a problem that I’ve decided to fix “or else”! And I need help?

I’m trying to change the Y-Axis Scale. It does not change!
Usually I double-click the chart, right-click the Y-Axis Scale, Select Format Axis, Select Scale, Change Minimum/Maximum, click OK, see the scale has been changed on the chart, deselect the chart by clicking outside the chart, and the Scale reverts back to the previous original values.

If I right-click the chart, select Edit, then use the Format/Axis menu the same thing happens.

After closing the file, then reopening it the Y-Scale change took effect.

Sometimes, I have noticed similar behaviour myself, but the desired change always did take effect after leaving Edit mode for the chart. An annoyance for me but not a big problem. The problem you are reporting certainly seems more serious, and might be a bug rather than just some combination of circumstances. It would help if you told us your Operating System and the version of LibreOffice that you are using. Please edit your original question above to include this information.