Calc: Cell range for data source as list: only allowing once

I want to use a column as a source for a drop-down list to populate a field. In this case it would be $source.A2:A99.

I selected the column, and clicked “Validity” and selected “Cell Range” and input $source.A2:A99 as the range to select from.

It gave me a drop down for that column like I wanted, but when I select an item from the list, it’s no longer available to use in the other rows.

In other words, it’s only letting me “use” that input once…

The use case for this is as a transaction register, and the data that I am populating is the payment method. So, obviously I need to be able to use each “method” more than once…

What am I doing wrong?

Please upload you ODF type sample file here.


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