Calc change footer on page 1

I have a excel document that has a different footers on every page. That is, there are 3 pages. So I assume there is in excel a function to set the first or the last page different than the rest and there is the function to set different footers on odd and even pages.

Now in Libre Office Calc I only see the option to edit the footer of the last page. I need to remove the footer of the first page. How do I do that?

Calc uses different Page Styles for the formatting the different Sheets.
You can create different Page Styles for each sheets, but the pages of one Sheet will be formatted by same properties: same Footers, and same Headers.

The Excel can not handle Page Styles. It uses manual formatting properties for every sheets in the .xls fileformat spreadsheet documents. The LibreOffice will convert them to different Page Styles - according to the ODF file formats - when you open an .xls file in the LibreOffice.

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