Calc change reference to sheets with cyrillic names into #REF

I have worksheet with several sheets named with Cyrillic letters. When I copy one sheet to another, Calc remove e.g. word “Табеле” from formula =IF(ISTEXT(B17);VLOOKUP(B17;Табеле.B4:H22;2;0)and change formula to =IF(ISTEXT(B17);VLOOKUP(B17;Materijali.B4:H22;2;0)), where sheet “Materijali” is with Latin letters or change formula ='Подаци'.G13 to formula =#REF!.G13.

I am using Calc, English, Windows 7 64.

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Табеле.B4 or any sheet name without a preceding $ for that matter denotes a relative sheet addressing, when copying such formula to another sheet the relative address will point to another sheet of the same offset, or result in a #REF! error if such an offset points outside of the available sheet range. Use $Табеле.B4 instead as absolute sheet addressing, which will always point to the Табеле sheet, also when copied to a different sheet.

Great - that solved my problem!

Thank you