[Calc] Changing font not working. [Picture]

So I even have custom styles for the cells which is supposed to set the size, but some cells are just not being affected by it or select-all + apply font change, to fix it I have to mass-change the front size drastically like this so I can find the ‘broken’ cells, and manually change the font in them, then they start responding to mass-changes and styles again (I think, so far).

This seems to be a known bug for years from what I can tell via google… is there a fix or anything anywhere? do they know it exists?

Well, what about Ctrl+M (Clear Direct Formatting) and after that “apply font change” (apply cell style will be better)

If you change the text attributes of part of the cell content in edit mode (e.g. bold in “Piston - Cyma”), applying styles would not change these direct format applied attributes.

Your attached image shows that the Styles are overwritten some manual formatting properties (a part of the string is bold, and an other part is not.)

The Cell Styles can format a whole cell only, but not the parts of the cell contents. The overwritten properties will not refresh, when you change the style of the cell. It is a normal behavior, and not a bug.

And maybe some cells are protected…

Please upload a real .ods sample file here - instead of the picture. Then we will able to examine it.