Calc - chart legend box position not saved

In Calc I can manually drag a chart legend box to a desired location. However, if I save and then re-open the file then the legend box returns to one of the default positions (Left, Right, Top, Bottom). This seems to be because, even after dragging the legend box, one of these default positions remains checked. I can’t find a way to uncheck the defaults.

LibreOffice offers more curve fit options than OpenOffice so I’d like to switch but not with this problem. If there isn’t a fix in the current version, is there a previous version without this problem?

Windows 7 x64

Don C.

I think this bug started in LO 4.4. In Chart Edit Mode, right click Legend, select Format Legend, under tab Position set your desired Position and then it stays ( at least with me).

For me this only allows selecting from the 4 default positions (Left, Right, Top, Bottom). I need a position where I have manually dragged the legend box (not one of the defaults). Is there something else I need to do?

It’s this bug

From the link I see that this bug did not exist in v.

  • Where can I download this version?
  • Would I sacrifice anything significant in Calc with this version?