Calc chart Minute Resolution

I’m working with a chart in Calc and I need to be able to set the X-axis scale resolution to minutes (need 5 minute intervals), but the lowest resolution available is days.

Is there any way to do this with LibreOffice as of the current version (3.6.0)? If not, when will it be added?

Thanks for the hard work! Good product (minus the frustrating limitation). :slight_smile:

I think the solution depends on two factors:

  • chart type
  • data type

Assuming your data table looks like this:

with column A using “Time” cell format;

Then you can simply create a timeline-based chart using the “X/Y (Scatter)” chart type:

Notice that LO uses time values for the X axis and allows for setting time intervals for that axis (in this case, i did set the major interval of the X axis to “00:15:00”). Depending on your data types and ranges, maybe you can use similar settings (for five minute intervals: “00:05:00”).

Hi, I was able to get the Time format using the process you described, but I’m still having trouble with the scaling aspect. For example, the minimum time set automatically doesn’t match at all the beginning of my data set. My first data point is at 16:47:15, but the chart is starting at 21:36:00.

Also, changing the major interval the way you described doesn’t seem to fix the issue for me. When I set it on the scaling tab, it changes to 12:05:00 AM and doesn’t seem to change the axis at all. Thank you for the help.

Could you provide an example of your data table? This would make it much easier trying to reproduce your problem.

Especially, do you use simple time values or date/time combinations? Do all values have the same type? LO may behave different than in my example in those cases.

Date Time PT1 PT2
12/19/2011 16:47:15 0 59
12/19/2011 16:47:16 0 74
12/19/2011 16:47:17 0 74
12/19/2011 16:47:18 0 59
12/19/2011 16:47:19 0 59
12/19/2011 16:47:55 0 59
12/19/2011 16:47:56 0 59
12/19/2011 16:47:57 0 59
12/19/2011 16:47:58 0 59
12/19/2011 16:47:59 0 59
12/19/2011 16:48:00 0 59

Sorry for the poor formatting of that, not sure what the best way to show you a sample of the data is. So, what I have is that the values of PT2 are going to be the values for the y-axis, not much variance. The time is in its own column, and as you can see, I don’t need a long range of time

just need to be able to start at the first time, end at the last time and do that in 5 minute increments.

Sorry, it’s almost impossible to handle this without a clearly defined data table. Please upload an example file wherever possible and post the link. I can’t tell if you have one date/time column or two columns, one for date, one for column. With a combined date/time column, it works fine for me.

I have a separate time and date column. However, when I looked at the data in the function bar, I noticed that there was a single quote in front of the time in each row. I removed the single quote and the chart worked perfectly. Sorry for the confusion and many thanks for the help!

No problem - i’m very happy to hera it work’s now!