Calc chart size is different when saving as HTML on different PCs

Whenever I save my LO Calc sheets as an HTML file, it creates individual image files of my charts, which is good. Unfortunately, the pixel size of these charts are different when saved on my desktop than when saved on my laptop. I’m guessing that the chart image sizes are tied to the monitor resolution somehow. Anyone know how to set the output mode of the charts so that everyone in my organization can use the same template to save charts of the same size? I’m not afraid to edit config files if need be. This is really the last killer issue stopping us from switching to LO from Excel. Still hoping to ring in a FOSS new year at work, cheers.

Hi @adamovera,

Your situation does sound a bit interesting. Could you please tell us briefly the specs on each of the two machines?


  • OS
  • Version of LibreOffice

I wouldn’t expect the image sizes in HTML export to be based on monitor resolution, but it’s possible!