Calc charts embedded in writer change to other charts

I have a moderately long document in writer (~35pp) with a number of charts created in several different calc files. The writer file is saved as .odt, the calc file as .ods. OS BigSur (11.4). LibreOffice
Sometimes, Writer crashes (I don’t know why) and the recovered Writer file has replaced some charts with others from elsewhere in the Calc files. This is - obviously - frustrating and can be really confusing as many of the charts are quite similar so I don’t immediately notice which also makes it difficult to work out which have been replaced by which.
Anyone else having this problem or any ideas on how to stop it happening?
Many thanks

… with a number of charts created in several different calc files.

Are the diagrams embedded or connected via OLE?

How are your diagrams anchored in Writer?

Two ways to test in my opinion (no solution):

  1. switch off the display of the diagrams, with Tools>Options>LibreOffice Writer>View | at Display|Images and objects

  2. Try Safe mode


They were OLE. I’m now going through and replacing all OLEs with GDI (images) in the hope that prevents any further issues as I can see it happening again just before my deadline. It does mean I can’t tweak the charts once in the doc though, so still hopeful of a solution for future efforts.
Oh, and just to note for anyone else that may get confused like I did, in the Mac version, “Display → Images and objects” is under “LibreOffice → Preferences”.

The question of anchoring the diagrams could still play a role. Did you anchor them to the paragraph?
That would be good.

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Sorry for delay (I didn’t realise there was a reply).
No, they weren’t anchored to the paragraph. Many of them were side-by-side, so I created tables and pasted them into the cells to keep them aligned.
Will try to remember to anchor any free-floating images in the future though (thanks for the tip).

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