Calc charts not updating correctly

LO version running on 64 bit Linux Mint 17.3

I store a lot of monthly readings in various LO Calc pages. There are links to separate Calc charts that should shew the current numbers. Some do and some do not. The links were set up by copying the required cell in the readings pages and then using ‘Paste special’ and selecting the ‘Formula and in the options section the ‘link’ tick box. Some of the links update correctly, some do not shew at all until I press recalculate links (F9). What is more, sometimes the F9 combination results in the chart displaying all the data in a flat row across the bottom of the chart.

When I open any of the data pages I am always told “ This file contains links to other files.
Should they be updated?”. I always say ‘Yes’ but it makes no difference. Can anyone make any suggestions to help please?