Calc charts: switch from data table to range as data source?


Is there any way to switch the data source in a Calc chart so that it lets me select a range instead of a data table?

I spent a long time formatting very specifically a chart, now I want to reuse it somewhere else and I only get the data table editing option.

Do you mean that you had prepared a chart in, say, Writer, and now you copy it into Calc, and want it to use some cell range in Calc?

Then try to select the range in Calc, and drag-and-drop onto the copied chart,

Thank you Mike! I never imagined that it would work that way (and so easily). Thank you very much! You just saved me much time!

Making my comment an answer, since it apparently had helped:

To change an existing data source of a chart to a cell range from the Calc spreadsheet where this chart had been copied to (from, say, Writer), you need to select the cell range that should be the new data source, and drag-and-drop it onto the chart.

image description

Another option (in recent versions of LibreOffice) is to select Data Ranges context menu item in the chart (above the Data Table item) to drop internal data table and define a new data range from the spreadsheet.

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