Calc, clone formatting to a group of cells

In Calc, I want to clone formatting to lots of cells. I know about double-clicking the icon, but then I have to individually click on hundreds of cells to clone the formatting to each one. Is there a way I can select a group of cells and clone the formatting to all of them at once, instead of having to do it one at a time?


as long as the cell range you want to clone to is a contiguous range the method is:

  • Selecet the cell whose format you want to clone to other cell
  • Click the clone icon once
  • Move to the upper left cell of you desired range of cell
  • Click left mouse button (keep the button pressed)
  • Move over the range
  • Release the button when you are at the lower right corner of your desired range

image description

Note The double click method is intended for “non-contiguous” ranges of cells (which in terms of LibreOffice is often referred to as “multi-selection”), but it could be used for a single range as well; just keep the left mouse button pressed for a range)

Hope that helps.