[calc] column alphabetically?

Hi guys,

Since I already learned some cool tricks in Calc, I am wondering if it possible to automatically (on the fly) rearrange a column in alphabetical order.

Let’s say I have a column containing these cells:

1 green
2 red

Is it possible that when I enter “blue” in the third cell, the column automatically rearranges itself in alphabetical order, so it will be:

1 blue
2 green
3 red

Can that be done?

Hi - Without a macro, it is only possible with complex formulas in another column.
Since it seems to me that you speak French I give you a link containing all the explanations (see 3 sheets in sample spreadsheet) of very intelligent formulas.

Thanks … but I don’t speak Fench :-/ So are you saying there’s no easy solution for this one?

The pseudo misled me sorry. However, you can download the spreadsheet example and dissect the formulas.

That looks complicated … I think I’m better of just using the “sort” button then :slight_smile: