Calc command to sort titled data

I am trying to use BulkPDF to auto-fill the IRS form 1120S with a calc sheet of data.An example would be a tax preparer with a long client list (and their data) and the 1120S form being populated from that client data base. I was making progress and then realized that every profit and loss statement will have various number of rows. That messes with the template I am trying to create. The goal is to export a profit/loss sheet almost directly into the tax forms. I almost need a =IFTHEN command to sort the cell data by it’s the associated name (deductions $300, income $1900 etc) to a template loaded with all the options. The PDF filler then imports from the template. I would consider buying program if available, this is not the tax help programs (TurboTax) because the data would auto fill the form. Thanks for your help.

If I understand fine, the need it’s sum several data of the same client, then SUMIFS function should help to achieve it.

Thank you, please understand that I am very new to this kind of programming and my plan is only a guess. If the 2018 Profit and Loss file shows 5 lines of data and the 6th is total, and the 6th line is referenced to the tax form stating the total profit. But if the 2019 P&L has additional data then the total cell gets moved. If the total cell is moved then the reference to the tax form is wrong. The tax form will be looking for the total in the wrong place. I need the destination cell to match the name and reference that data associated with it. ie Gas $10, Donations $20, Advertising $50 but if the following year (or client) it changes to Gas $10, WIDGETS $33, Donations $20, Advertising $50, then the reference to the BulkPDF form filler is changed. I must believe someone has already created this- somewhere.

Please edit your question to attach a sample file, add in it what do you want achieve.

I am unsure how to attach here. Irregardless which row, when the P&L says “Total Income $25000”, then populate this form in the cell that I choose with the data “25000”. P&L data is available in PDF or CALC. form 1120S

I suspect that you need a Pivot Table to summarise your data in a consistent manner.

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I am very close to my answer and am posting to help if possible. The answer was to create a complete list of possible names (ie widget #1 sales, widget #2 sales etc) using VLOOKUP. Then when a new client’s data was input, the form would populate using the consistent structure of the VLOOKUP list as a pass through. Thank you for your help.