Calc conditional drop-menu

I have a spreadsheet that depending on other data entered, will either present a fixed value, or a drop box of possible values. Below is a formula I’m hoping can be made to work in this way.

=if(Condition,12,(if(Condition,24,(if(Condition3,Drop list,36)))))

…where “Drop List” offers the choice between 24 or 36…

Hope that clearly identifies what I’d like to do…


@GuitarEC – Did mariosv’s answer work for you? Are you still looking for an answer?

I hope a formula like this (an example) is what you are looking for.

In A3:a8 a range of selection.

In B3:b7 other range of selection.

In B1 the data to select one or other.

In C3:

Menu/Data/Validity - Tab criteria, Allow - Cell range

Source: IF(B1=1;A3:A8;B3:B8)

That’s all.

Don’t know if this helped the OP, but it is a great answer, and illustrated a conditional that I never knew could go in a validity definition. Thanks, mariosv