Calc: conditional formatting + style question

I have a conditional formatting to format a row background color to yellow (user defined style BGYellow) when the condition is met, the conditional formatting seems to be working fine, in the highlighted row I have cells with number, text and date format, and the Numbers tab in style BGYellow and Default the Number > General format is selected, the Date cells showed correctly, but the number cell shows only number without decimals (cell is formatted as #,###.00, for instance if in the number cell it shows 100000 instead of 1,000,000.00 according to the number cell format), what should I do for the number cell to display with 2 decimals?

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Conditional Formatting applies a cell style and hence the solution is: Change the format of the cell style being applied and if you need different cell styles for highlighted cells you need to split your Conditional Formatting into ranges of a certain data type and to create different cell styles:

`BGYellowDate` for dates `BGYellowNum` for number `BGYellow....` for whatver else you might want.
It is obvious that this might be a tedious task, since this requires many more of the ever same Conditional Formatting which just applies a different style to a different range. But if you care about "optics and design" then there is no way around this.

Hope that helps.

Hi Opaque, thanks for this tip.